Scrapbooking 101

While I’m all about going out to the latest concert, grabbing some drinks with the girls, or adventuring to the lake, sometimes (okay, most of the time) I would rather stay at home with my crafts! (They make me happy okay?) And while I have just recently discovered my love for my newest craft obsession, I’ve found it just as addicting as Netflix, Facebook and Orange is the New Black. I’m talking about scrapbooking! I know what you’re thinking, but y’all it’s so fun. I may be the only college student in the scrapbook section at Michael’s, but I want to change that! Put the digital images away, and let’s get back to hard copies!

We’ve all looked through our mom’s old “creative memories” albums to find the perfect #throwbackthursday, so why not start your own to look back on one day, Instagram the “lol-worthy” #tbt’s, and reminisce on some of the best years. It’s my mission to bring scrapbooking back, for everyone. I know I’m going to look back on these pages smiling when Facebook no longer exists!


IMG_6449 IMG_6451


One of my favorite things about scrapbooking is that you get to personalize the pages however you want. You can include pictures, personal items, junk you find around your house — really anything goes!



This is probably one of my favorite pages, and I used supplies I had lying around the house! Digging through my mom’s *organized* drawers, I found these feathers (courtesy of Ari’s Up costume), gold glitter and gold sticker letters! I just love how this sparkly page came together.


Another fave, this page was also the result of found treasures! The year was made from stringing together pearl beads I found and then forming them into number shapes. I just added some burlap and lace ribbon from the craft store to complete the rustic look!












You can make pages for just about anything. To get started, just look through all your old Facebook photos (or however far back you want to go) and then start to organize them into possible pages. They can be broad categories like “Fall” or as specific as special events! This is your scrapbook, you make the rules.


I just had to do an Olympics page in honor of the Winter Olympics this year! I love everything about the Olympics, and apparently so do sororities and fraternities considering there were like 125489 Olympics themed social events. Tip: save little items you may collect throughout your years. The red, white and blue ribbon was from a plastic gold medal party favor at one of the events!


Not to brag, but how cute are the little cut-out ties for the title! I found a great scrapbook paper set from Big Lots (fave store ever) for like a dollar and cut out different colored ties that all shared similar colors. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and colors, somehow it always comes together in the end!













So are you a pro yet or are you still a little overwhelmed to get started? No worries! I’ve included my top 5 picks for what every beginner scrapbooker needs!

final scrapbooking needs

1. Fun background paper
There are thousands of scrapbook papers out there, so there are sure to be some to fit your personality! Michael’s has a great selection but can sometimes be on the pricey side. I recommend Big Lots or the dollar store. Big Lots has amazing quality papers and for about a dollar for 10 sheets, you can’t go wrong!

2. Good Quality Paper Cutter
Y’all I can’t stress how important this is! It will save you so much time and give you professional and clean cuts! I prefer the cutters than you physically move up and down rather than the slider cutters! Michael’s constantly send emails with coupons so wait for a clutch 50 percent off code to purchase this!

3. No-Wrinkle Glue Stick and Craft Glue
The no-wrinkle glue stick is a must for any scrapbooker. Scotch makes a great one, and your photos won’t wrinkle when you’re pasting them to the page. Craft glue is also essential and I like the Elmer’s brand. It dries quick, but it still playable enough to work with!

4. Sticker Letters
I absolutely adore these glitter sticker letters from Michael’s. I love these for adding titles and dates to my pages, and there’s an endless variety of them! Have some fun!

5. Alphabet Stamp Set
Okay, this might be my most used item of all. I purchased this set for $5 at Michael’s, and it is probably my most used scrapbooking supply. They make the pages look personalized and homemade, and you can use them over and over with different colors and backgrounds. It’s such a great tool.


Let me know if you decide to give this a try! Leave some love below, and let me know your thoughts.

Now get crafty!





5 thoughts on “Scrapbooking 101

  1. You need to go back in time and come hang at the Gillon house in summer 2011. My sister, neighbor, and I converted every room into a scrapbooking hell for my poor mom and spent at least $300 weekly on supplies. I now have much more nostalgia for the process of making the scrapbooks than for the memories I was trying to document inside them.


  2. You are seriously the cutest blogger ever!!! I love all your tips and advice! This is so you!!!

    Ps WTF is that comment above me? Lol


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