Pink + Gray Bedroom Tour

Y’all, I’m so excited to finally share this final blog post of design week: the much-anticipated bedroom tour! This is my first “grown-up” bedroom. I was able to make it completely my own, with designs, DIY’s and found gems! Did I mention I did all this (with some help from my mama) on a tight budget!? There is no reason you can’t have a FAB bedroom on a budget! It’s so nice to come home to this room after an all-nighter at the library or just a long day of class. It’s chic yet personable and inviting! Welcome to my room!

My design style changes so often. One day I’m obsessed with the classic PB striped duvet, and the next I’m want a ruffled spread from Anthro! I have, however, always loved the shabby-chic look, Parisian influences, floral, and most of all WHITE! I think every room needs touches of white to brighten it up, and I’m so lucky to have a window that offers such beautiful natural light in my room.

IMG_1659Let’s kick things off with the most important element (and the place I spend way too much time) my bed! Every room needs texture! Because I went with a smooth duvet, I made sure to texture-ize the bed with fun, frilly pillows and the SOFTEST. BLANKET. EVER.

IMG_1661I’m passionate about white sheets y’all. Like I said, I think they brighten a room so much, and they are easy to clean and get crisp white all over again! There’s nothing like getting into a bed with freshly-washed white sheets! It’s easy to spend a large portion of your budget on the bedding. I’ll admit I was obsessed with the bedding from Anthropologie and West Elm, but I decided to go with the less expensive option from Ikea, and I like it even better than the more expensive options! I’m so impressed with the quality, and I love the design. This way, I was able to add the pillows I’m IN LOVE with and not go over budget!



Ruffled Pillows: T.J. Maxx

Duvet: Ikea

Blanket: HomeGoods

Sheets: Target

IMG_1646 IMG_1658

The last element of my bed area isn’t even part of the bed! I’m a huge fan of headboards or some piece to place over a bed. I think it naturally draws your eye to that area and completes the look! My bedroom isn’t that large, and with a full-sized bed, a headboard would’ve just taken up too much space. I decided to do something a little different and personalize my bed with my hand-painted monogram on top! I looked on Etsy for monogrammed canvases, but they were so expensive and I thought I can do that! So I went down to my local Michael’, coupons in hand, bought some acrylic paint and voila! I love how it turned out, and it makes my bedroom my own!

  IMG_1665Moving over to my bedside table, this was actually a shelving system that was in my dorm room last year (we used it as our pantry! lol!)! I decided to repurpose this item and with a few gorgeous baskets from Target and some accessories on top, it adds function and color to the space!

IMG_1666Flowers, Vase, and Pebbles: Michael’s Craft Store

Shell Tray: Homegoods


A desk is a great place to personalize your room. I had to add as many pictures as possible of the people that mean the most to me! I found these great shelves, and I added little miscellaneous items that make me smile every time I wake up in the morning. 🙂

Shelves: Target

“Love” Wooden Sign: HomeGoods

Friends Canvas: HomeGoods


I was so lucky that my bedroom came already furnished with a bed and desk, but this desk was very well-used and out-dated. I considered buying a new one or trying to repaint it, but in the end I decided to repurpose it! With a little new hardware and some touch-up paint, I was able to completely transform this desk for less than $20! It’s so much easier to get work done with a pretty desk! 😉 Another issue I was having was the chair. The room came with a standard computer chair, which was in good shape but just killed the design flow! My mom and I searched everywhere for a chair that would look good but was also affordable (who knew chairs we’re so expensive!?). I came up with the idea to try to find a slip-cover to repurpose the chair. We found a great one at Bed, Bath & Beyond that matches the pink elements of my room and is also super cute!

Lamp: HomeGoods

Hardware: Home Depot

Chair Slipcover: Bed, Bath & Beyond


How cute is this makeup vanity!? This might be one of my favorite parts of my room! I’ve never had a vanity, and it’s always been my dream. This one functions as both a make up station and storage space for tank tops and bandeaus!  I found a basket similar to the ones in my bedside table to tie the space together and even found a chic flower pot that I turned into a trash can!


My favorite part of my vanity station has to be my mirror makeup holder. I think any mirror accessory looks expensive, but y’all this one was from Target! I also love the look of displaying your brushes on your work station. I found a little glass container from Michael’s for $1 and added some pink pebbles to match my room! I love how this turned out. 🙂

Makeup Box: Target

Vanity Station: HomeGoods

Trash Can: Walmart

Glass Bowl and Pebbles: Michael’s



This might be the most important stop of the tour. My robe rack! Y’all I’m obsessed with robes. I literally wear one everyday (most of the time multiple times a day). I always have these hanging on my door, ready to go, because they all have different purposes. Starting from the left, I have my morning robe. It’s cozy, warm and the best thing to wake up with in the morning (especially since my house is always kept so cold)! Next, I have my pink satin robe. My roommate Mad has the same one in hot pink and it’s our “getting ready to go out” robe. We’re both obsessed, and I always feel like I’m getting ready for the VS fashion show (a girl can dream right) 😉 ! Lastly, I have my bath robe. Am I the only person who is often too lazy to change into clothes right after a shower? That’s where this beauty comes in handy, and it’s monogrammed of course!

Morning Robe: Victoria’s Secret

Satin Robe: Victoria’s Secret (mine is Ice Pink)

Monogrammed Bathrobe: Similar


I hope y’all enjoyed my room tour! (I know I went a little overboard with the HomeGoods purchases, but in my defense, the store is so well-priced and has everything you could possibly need!) Hopefully this inspires you in some way with your next redesign and don’t forget my top 5 design tips! It’s been a fun week here on GCL!

Leave some love, and let me know what you think of my room! I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and what your favorite part is!




3 thoughts on “Pink + Gray Bedroom Tour

  1. Love your room! Shabby chic is my favorite too 🙂 Do you ever shop Craigslist for your furniture purchases, or for pieces to fix up?


    • Thanks Brittany! It’s so girly and chic! I actually have never tried Craigslist personally, but my sister got a great futon off there. I think it’s one of those hit or miss kind of things. I usually like to look at pieces to fix up in person because sometimes it’s hard to tell from the internet!


  2. Hey Christina…your mom keeps wanting me to look at your blog- it is great! And I like your room. What is great about the bedroom is that it really reflects our inner selves. It is our retreat place from life! Love your bed! In your travels you should find a couple other great pieces to group with the monogram painting…it looks a little lonely up there. I Love grouped pieces of art! Black as an accent also goes great with pink and gray. Someone once told me we should have a story for every piece we have in our house. It can be exhausting, but obviously you love it too! Kisses Christina


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