Winter Bedroom Update

It’s that time of year – sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy Netflix nights, candles, and dreamy twinkle lights! My house is no doubt in the full swing of the season, and my room just felt a little too colorful. The flowers and bright pink just didn’t match the beauty of North Carolina winter. While some people may hate the look of dead trees and gray skies, I’m weirdly obsessed with it! I find so much beauty in that time of year when all the leave have fallen, and the sky is that perfect shade of mystery and still. I hope you like this bedroom update – just a few minor changes made a huge difference! I love the white and gray color scheme I went for (emulating the white snow and gray skies), and I hope you like it too!


Like I’ve mentioned before, my style changes so much, and I love to design and decorate! All three of my housemates redid their rooms this year, and I just couldn’t wait to get started on mine after being inspired by all three of their rooms! I love that we all have a different style, yet each room is done so beautifully and is unique to the person living there! I pulled ideas from each room for this redesign, as well as inspiration from the beautiful scenery right outside my window.


Let’s start with this bed! The crisp white duvet, the fur blanket, the sequin pillows?! I can’t decide what I love the most! The best part is that this bed remake was done for about $150, pretty reasonable when the blanket (which was my biggest splurge) was $80! I was so inspired by Pottery Barns fur blankets, and the gray one was just a must for my bedroom. I designed my whole bedroom off that one item. I love the mix of textures from soft to shiny on my bed, and it’s a dream to come home to this cozy bed each day!

Faux Fur Blanket

White Duvet

Sequin Pillow Cases


I can’t forget to mention the monogram above the bed! While this feature of the room is not yet complete (I plan to do a stick frame wreath surrounding the monogram) I thought I would share how I made it anyway! All it took was a big foam board, some fake moss, modge podge, and modge podge spray. After cutting out my monogram, I just slowly went around and glued the moss onto the foam with modge podge. After it was all on there, I sprayed it with the modge podge spray to really make it stick. I love that this element brings more of the outdoors into the room, and it’s going to look perfectly complete once I make the stick wreath! **Inspired by Madeline Gillon**


This is another area of the bedroom that you may have notice has changed. There used to be gorgeous peachy flowers in this vase, but keeping with the theme of winter and outdoors, I decided to pick some of those dead sticks I love so much and bring them into my room as a feature!


This is an example of a really easy fix with minimal (just one!) changes. I just replaced my pink chair slipcover with a white one and it changes the whole feel of the desk!

Slip Cover (similar)




I hope you like my wintery bedroom update, and I’ll be going back to my pink + gray theme in the springtime. I’m all ready for this long winter that is supposed to come with lots of snow! Happy holidays and happy decorating!!

Leave some love, and let me know what you think of my room update! What was your favorite change? Suggestions?




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