Holiday Party Tablescape


My mom always wonders where I get it from, but I really am the Martha Stewart of the household! I’ve always loved cooking the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter meals, when my mom would rather just order Chipotle catering (which I’m not complaining about … I mean who doesn’t love Chipotle?!). I just have so much fun designing the dinner room table, creating a menu, and preparing the meal. From the food to the tablescape to the friends and family, there is nothing I don’t love about entertaining!

This past weekend was the annual neighborhood holiday party, and this year it was at my house. My mom gave me complete freedom to design the dining room table, and I have to say I love how it turned out. I had an idea of making a silver, red, and white accented table and just went with it. I picked up anything and everything I could find at HomeGoods and Michael’s that went with the color scheme and just found a way to arrange it that looked balanced and gorgeous! Here’s how I did it!




To start, I brought out everything that I thought would work with the red, silver, and white theme. Candles, vases, silver deer — I found that it was easier to bring out more than I needed and pick and choose which worked the best.


I started with a crisp white tablecloth from HomeGoods and ran it across the table to have a clean surface to work from.


I found this beautiful thick ribbon from Michael’s (60% off!) and ran two strips down the center of the table, transforming the look of the plain tablecloth.


Next I did the place settings. I started with a red charger plate from Michael’s (also 60% off). Each was only about 79 cents, and they added so much to the look of the table! I added a crisp white plate on top, along with a plain white napkin, and a holiday popper for each guest! Finally, these red wine glasses were just so perfect for the whimsical table!


I tried to arrange each side of the table with items of different heights, textures, and colors. My favorite things have to be the jeweled candle holders!


And how cute is this little silver deer! My fave!



I hope you liked this, and let me know what your favorite part is! Happy holidays! 🙂




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