Guest Room Redesign

This might be my favorite blog post to date. I’m so in love with this room redesign my mom let me spearhead in my home in California! As you’ll see from the “before” pictures posted below, this room used to be just a sight-sore. It was dark, cluttered, and mainly used for storage. After my redesign, consisting of new carpets, a couch, desk, paint, curtains (the list goes on), I literally never want to leave. It’s my new favorite hang out space in my house, and such a cozy place for guests to stay! The hints of the sea really give this room a nod to my home state of California, and I just love how it all came together! This room has been a long time in the making. When I came home for about a month in the beginning of Summer 2014, I needed something to occupy my time before I went back for summer school. My mom had been wanting to do something with the back room space and said I could be in charge! It was truly a labor of love, and I had the best time shopping with my mom at HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, and endless trips to flooring shops! We went all out with this room, and I truly put my heart in it! Hope you enjoy 🙂

So you can really grasp the desperation of our situation, here are some of the before pictures. **Caution: the following images showcase a very depressed and neglected room. You have been warned!** IMG_5933 IMG_5935 IMG_5940 IMG_5947 I mean … yikes! As you can see, this room desperately needed a makeover. No one knew the potential of this space until the redesign was over. It’s truly an amazing guest room, hang-out space, reading room, and just a secluded place to go and relax as it’s disconnected from the rest of the house. Now, some of the “after” pictures (the good part)! IMG_2163 Let’s start with the couch area because it was one of the first major changes we made. I love the look of a crisp white or off-white fabric couch and pops of color through pillows and blankets. The look of this couch is so inviting you just want to dive in! I always say that the more pillows the better. My mom and I found the best pillows at Pier 1 Imports that really set the peaceful, relaxing tone for the rest of the room with the shades of blue. The lamp was an incredible find. My mom and I went shopping to all the fancy lamp stores and found nothing that fit the feel of the room, plus they were all like $500!! Yeaaa … no. Amazingly, she found this lamp from Tuesday Morning for $30!! The lamp shade, however, was horrendous. It just would not make the cut for the room. On my semi-weekly trip to HomeGoods, I found the most perfect lampshade and voila! IMG_2189

Couch (similar)

Throw Blanket




IMG_2183 How about this desk area?! I love how multi-purpose this space turned out to be, especially with the addition of the desk that I built! While the desk is not the most quality item, it serves its purpose and looks fantastic in the room. The white curtains totally brighten up the space, and were only $20 from Ikea! A simple hem and they were ready to go!
coral I love the addition of the coral on the desk. We’ve had it in our house forever, but here it becomes a focal piece of the desk and adds to the seaside theme of the room. IMG_2191




IMG_2168 This closet is probably one of the biggest transformations of all. It makes the room so purposeful and beautiful from all angles. Shoutout to Pete for helping pick out the TV! (Pete is my dad, he nicknamed himself that) IMG_2169 IMG_2174 While the TV is nice, the bookshelves above the TV add some personal touches to the room. I had so much fun scouring my house for items to be featured here. The bottom shelf incorporates more sea items like the seashell and Maverick’s surf book. The shelled frame picture frame displays an old picture of my Nana when she was just a teenager. This is just a little way to honor her as this back room used to be her old room! 🙂 The top shelf is for my parents. I just love their wedding photo, from the 80’s if you couldn’t tell, and these books matched the color scheme of the room and are a nod to their European travels. IMG_2176 On the other side of the closet is the perfect space to house pillows for guests to stay when the couch pulls out to a bed! So crisp, clean, and cozy! couch2 I hope y’all like this transformation. It’s not quite finished — I’m currently working on the wall art to be displayed, but it’s come a long way! Leave some love, and let me know what you think of the transformation! xoxo christina


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