Seafoam Bedroom Tour

Are you as obsessed with this bedroom as I am?! I can’t get over the gorgeous, soft blues and bright yellows that come together so beautifully in this relaxing and peaceful bedroom. Imagined by my close friend, it really is modern and chic, yet completely home-y. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these pictures and words from Ashley* to get some inspiration for your next room design!


From Ashley: “I would describe my room as beachy shab because of the chipping off-white hand-me-down furniture, breezy curtains and blue, seafoam and rope accents, but girly modern at the same time because of the turquoise, gold and pink thrown in.”


I just love how she decorated this bed side table! Not too many items is the key, and the photo album is just too cute!! (Available at Urban Outfitters)



This close up of her duvet really showcases it’s beautiful design. Would you believe she made the duvet herself with just some fabric from the craft store and her sewing machine?! Amazing!




I love this desk-turned-vanity that she created. There used to be a large hutch over her desk, but by removing the hutch and adding a huge mirror and lamp lights on each side, she created a fun and practical vanity!



I hope you like this guest feature! All my friends have such pretty taste when it comes to design, and we all bounce ideas off each other. You can find us watching HGTV almost every night which is probably why we all have such beautiful bedrooms!

I would love to know what your favorite part of Ashley’s bedroom is!



*name has been changed for privacy reasons


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