Bar Stool Reupholstery

My favorite craft projects always involve re-purposing what you already have! To me, it feels more satisfying to take something that you thought you would never use and completely transform it into something beautiful that fits your exact style. When you add your personal touch to items it really makes them feel so uniquely yours and completely custom! When my sister approached me to reupholster her bar stools for her new apartment, I immediately jumped on the offer! These bar stools weren’t my fave at first … the brown fabric with the brown wood just blended in with each other. After choosing a brighter, more textured fabric, the chairs are exactly the feel she wants in her new home, and I just love how they turned out!


The Supplies:

Staple Gun






This is what the original chairs looked like. They just felt so blah to me! They may not be much right now, but a little fabric can go a long way!


The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the chair cushions. This can be done easily by locating the attachment screws under the chair and loosening each screw with your screwdriver. Make sure to keep the screws in a pile when you’re done — you’ll need them to reattach the cushions when you’re done.




This is a close up of the new fabric’s texture! You can really see the difference between the two. I just love the subtlety of the design, yet it has more interest than the previous suede fabric.


Next, lay the two cushions on the fabric, making sure that the fabric is facing the right direction. (This is about a 1/2 yard of fabric. It was actually a scrap of fabric, and we got it 50% off!) Make sure you have enough fabric on all sides to be able to cover the edges, leaving room to staple it into the back.


Take your fabric scissors and cut the fabric to the right size of your cushions.


Fold the fabric over the sides of the cushion and staple to secure. I started with a single staple on all four sides, making sure the staple wasn’t too far or too close to the edge (about a 1/2 inch). Then I carefully stapled my way to each corner.


When you get to a corner, really pull the fabric tight and fold it over onto itself to get a nice crisp edge.


Again the trick here is to pull the fabric really tight! That way you’ll have a clean side.


Take your scissors and trim the fabric underneath for a neat edge. I cut mine about a 1/2 inch from where the staples were located.


I did the chairs one at a time. This is a cool before and after shot!


When you are ready to reattach both chairs, have a helper hold the cushion down on top and take the screws and reattach.


And voila! I just love how customizable chairs are. Simple additions to things you already have can make such a difference. You could even go one step further and change the color of the wood to suit any room! There are so many possibilities — no need to spend a fortune on new furniture! This whole redesign cost around $9!


I just love how these chairs turned out, and I think they will look gorgeous in my sister’s new place!

Leave some love and let me know what you think of this redesign!




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